Ashes equalize everyone

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france: ten
france: twenty
france: thirty
france: forty
france: fifty
france: sixty
france: sixty ten
world: france what are you do—
france: four twenties
world: france stop it
france: four twenties ten
world: france that doesn't even make any sense
france: hundred.
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Jan Švankmajer - Dimensions of Dialogue, Part II (1982)

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its been 12 years since shrek came out and im still having trouble coping with the fact that donkey fucked a dragon

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the guy who played all of the oompa loompas in charlie and the chocolate factory is named deep roy


deep roy

Deep roy the chocolate boy

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one time i was channel surfing and i came to a scene in twilight where rob pattinson climbs up into a tree as edward cullen and i changed the channel and rob pattinson hopped out of a tree as cedric diggory from harry potter

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when you come into your room and someone’s there


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my motto

what’s a motto

nothing what’s a motto with you

Wrong movie

Fuck you; The Lion King is never the wrong movie.

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( sorry for the crappy MS Paint, guys, i made this at like 1 am.)

I dunno, i feel like fictionsexuality is viewed as a silly or dumb thing and i wish people wouldn’t do that. it’s taken me a long time of thought and consideration to figure out what i am, and being immediately shot down when i try to raise any awareness on the matter feels…. well, shitty. i do understand the common association, but come on guys, is me adding the word to a post here or there (or hell just adding comments in the tags) really so bad? Please do take the time to read this, it would really mean a lot to me.

I think it is disrespectfull of you to pull out a comment like that. How would you feel, if you told the outside world something about yourself and the first thing people said to you was “stop”. Just stop. Wouldn’t it make you - as a person - feel like a one big joke?
I don’t understand this sexuality either, but I still respect those who are fictionsexuals - as much as I respect hetero-, homo-, bi-, pan-, a-, trans- (etc.) sexuals. And why shouldn’t I? It’s not like it matters to me, yet I’m not saying you should understand them, because if it’s not your sexuality, you can’t understand it like they can. Heterosexuals don’t understand homosexuals attraction and homosexuals dont understand heterosexuals attraction. But please, that is no argument for anyone to not man up and grow some respect for other people.

You should think more about what you post before you do it. That comment was really rude, and I think you should grow some manners on how to treat the people around you. Or else you will have a very hard life ahead of you.

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*skips 150 songs till i get the one i want* it must be destiny

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